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Peace Declaration

for Denuclearization and Prevention of War on the Korean Peninsula


Today, we hereby declare to all the peace-loving people of the world our sincere hope that there will never be another war on the Korean Peninsula.


North Korea is threatening peace in the Korean Peninsula and the world with nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) development. The United States is mobilizing its state-of-the-art strategic weapons while openly discussing an option for a preemptive strike to stop further advances in North Korea’s nuclear weapons and long-range missile capabilities. In return, North Korea has sternly proclaimed its intention to continue the development of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles unless the United States stops its hostile policies towards North Korea, warning that it will set the US mainland on fire if attacked. These verbal confrontations have gone beyond words and are turning into a prelude for an armed conflict.


Should a war break out on the Korean Peninsula, the death toll and casualties will be incomparably higher than the devastation that occurred during the Korean War sixty-seven years ago. The Seoul Metropolitan area where 20 million people live will immediately be turned into ashes. The damage from nuclear weapons and attacks on nuclear power plants will lead to unimaginable devastation, and the radioactive contamination will even erase the future from the peninsula. Furthermore, Korea’s geopolitical situation creates the grave danger of a local war exploding into a world war.


We are absolutely opposed to war.


We are absolutely opposed to any military action that increases the risk of a war.


We believe that peace on the Korean Peninsula will lead to peace in East Asia and greatly contribute to world peace.


2018 marks the 30th anniversary of July 7th, 1988 Special Declaration for National Self-Esteem, Unification and Prosperity. It was a groundbreaking declaration that transformed inter-Korean relationship from one of hostility to partnership. Also, 2019 celebrates the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement that established the foundation of Korea’s independence from the Japanese colonial rule. The March 1st Independence Movement became a torch of hope not only to Koreans but also the other oppressed people of the times living in China, Vietnam, India, and Egypt.


Reinforced by the spirit of the July 7th Declaration and the March 1st Independence Movement, let’s rise together to end the separation between the two Koreas, establish permanent peace on the Peninsula, and realize the dream of a unified Korea.


Hence, we announce our position on peace in Korea.


- North Korea shall immediately cease its development of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles and engage in unconditional dialogue.


- The United States shall cease offensive military actions toward North Korea and engage in unconditional dialogue.


- The South Korean government shall stop its inaction and restart dialogue with North Korea and actively facilitate talks between the United States and North Korea.


- The majority and minority parties of the National Assembly of South Korea shall unite their voices and pass a joint resolution opposing a War on the Korean Peninsula and dispatch bipartisan delegates to the four major neighboring countries in order to prevent a war.


- The UN Security Council shall adopt a Resolution Against War on the Korean Peninsula and facilitate talks between the United States and North Korea.


Lets honor the spirit of the Donghak Peasant Revolution that rose up courageously against foreign invasion and corrupt feudal system, the spirit of the March 1st Independence Movement that rose up against the Japanese occupation, the spirit of the April 19th and June 10th Pro-Democracy Movements that rose up against injustice and military dictatorship, and the spirit of the Candlelight Revolution that rose up against political scandal and government corruption by standing together in the cause for peace on the Korean Peninsula and reignite our hope for unification.


The citizens of South Korea, China, and Japan must join forces and work together to protect peace. Realizing that the conflict on the Korean Peninsula is a vestige of the unfortunate recent history of Northeast Asia, the people of the three countries must reflect deeply on the history of the region and join forces to build a community of peace in Northeast Asia based on forgiveness and reconciliation.


Lets take the opportunity presented by the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing to shape a cornerstone of peace for Northeast Asia. To this end, we hereby suggest setting up a “Korean, Chinese and Japanese Citizens Peace Network” and organizing a “10,000 Kilometer Run for Peace.”



December 23, 2017

Ven. Pomnyun Sunim

Chairman, The Peace Foundation


Representing 10,000 People




Pledge of 10,000 People


[Chairman] The threat of war on the Korean Peninsula is causing fear and anxiety among the citizens of the world who fear the ignition of a powder keg of potential collision amongst the four world powers that are focused in the region. Conversely, protecting peace on the Korean Peninsula will inspire the establishment of a peace community in Northeast Asia and greatly contribute to world peace. The nonviolence peace spirit of the March 1st Independence Movement is a proud heritage of the Korean history that must be treasured. Today, on December 23, 2017, we hereby announce the following “Pledge of the 10,000 People Participating in the Peace Movement” based on the spirit of the nonviolence March 1st Independence Movement, the values enshrined in the Korean Constitution, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


[All] As guardians of peace, we are against all the wars currently taking place around the world.


[All] Starting today, we will protect the peace on the Korean Peninsula to safeguard the lives of our families



[Chairman] Based on the Preamble to the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, we hereby swear:


In keeping with the proud of a resplendent history and tradition of the Republic of Korea and grounded in the mission of democratic reform and peaceful unification of our homeland, we pledge to come together in national unity with justice, humanitarianism and brotherly love, to elevate the quality of life for all citizens, and to contribute to lasting world peace and the common prosperity of humankind and thereby ensure security, liberty and happiness for ourselves and our posterity forever.



[All] The 10,000 People Wishing for Peace on the Korean Peninsula on December 23, 2017 


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